I Leave All My Possessions and Passwords to……

As a dead person, you wouldn’t care anymore about someone hacking your Facebook account because you’re not around to get pissed off about it and worry about people stealing your stuff and posting porn on your wall. Pssst. You’re dead. You don’t care.

You also wouldn’t give a damn if you gave someone your Twitter login and password because you’re dead and now that special someone can tweet on your behalf if they want.

Yes, even the carefully worded last rights on wills and testaments are now including verbiage to provide a lucky recipient logins and passwords to social media accounts, email addresses, blogs and other tools that require more than a seven character password which must include a capital letter, number and a symbol.

Social media has become so much a part of how humans communicate, the most logical way to announce someone’s demise is no longer limited to the old fashioned telephone or the obituaries.

It’s Facebook. It’s Twitter.

You, as the recently deceased will provide that special someone permission to announce your death on your own facebook wall and twitter account by giving your nearest and dearest information in your will to get into your accounts and post your obituary to share with your friends, family and people you barely know but friended them anyway.

But, wait! there’s more…..

Along with posting your recent death, you allow this special “someone” to get access to all of your pictures and video you shared on Facebook. This could be rather important if Facebook is the only place you keep your photos (and I hope to God that this isn’t the case).

If you have a Business Fan Page, you can let all of your customers and “fans” know that you’re no longer in business. This is convenient and efficient all rolled into one.

This newest revelation isn’t a surprise to me. I knew it was coming, and that’s why I have a book.


Messily penned with scratch outs of the number of times I’ve changed my password to my istock account, or my Facebook account. Logins at the ready for my Adobe and my email account. I even have my logins and passwords in my “book” for my banks, credit card company, WordPress, and my hosting provider.

I mean, how else am I supposed to keep track of all my passwords? I could do it digitally, but then if I have a password to gain access to my computer, or if my computer crashes, it’s gone. Or, if a zombie apocalypse happens then it’s all over…..

Blown up into little pixels like ashes. Just like the deceased.